About the Author & This Site

My name is Matt Keller. I'm just this guy, you know? I develop software and read books and live in the Boston area. This blog isn't about my personal life (at least it hasn't been so far); instead I use it to share my interests in software, books, web technology, spagehtti monsters, food, etc.

Obligatory Photo

Why are you blogging, Matt?

Until recently, this paragraph was a sort of apology for having a blog. It explained that I built the underlying blog engine for fun and that I only occasionally posted here and that writing blog entries is a great way to clarify your thoughts and that this blog wasn't important or interesting, etc, etc. But it's 2008. We all know what blogs are what they're for. Very few of them are important. I don't feel like I need to apologize for having a crappy blog of my own. So I won't.

Contacting Me

Feel free to post comments on my blog entries. I keep an eye on them and will likely respond via another comment. You can email me at mk__at__littleredbat__dot__net. If you can, kindly use PGP - my public key is here.


This site is powered by Mason. All my Mason code and (x)html was hand written with vim (update: I'm an emacs user now that I dabble in lisp). I run the firefox browser, but I'm made an honest attempt to get this site to display correctly in most modern web browsers. This site should validate as XHTML and CSS. This post has more details about the current design.