mk-project.el v1.0.1

I've been working on mk-project.el, my Emacs project library. I wanted to write up the changes I've made.

Bug Fix: Kill TAGS buffer on project-unload

When the project is unloaded, reset the variables use by the tags facility as well as deleting the buffer associated with the project's tags file.

New Feature: Save/restore open files on project-unload/load

When a project is unloaded, store the names of the open project files in a cache file. When loading the project, create buffers for the files listed in the cache file. To enable the feature, specify a cache file with 'open-files-cache' in the project's definition. For example:

(project-def "my-proj"
      '((basedir          "/home/me/my-proj/")
        (src-patterns     ("*.java" "*.jsp"))
        (ignore-patterns  ("*.class" "*.wsdl"))
        (tags-file        "/home/me/my-proj/TAGS")
        (file-list-cache  "/home/me/.my-proj-files")
        (open-files-cache "/home/me/.my-proj-open-files")
        (vcs              git)
        (compile-cmd      "ant")
        (startup-hook     myproj-startup-hook)
        (shutdown-hook    nil)))

New Feature: Version tags in the source

Given that I've already published several versions of this library, I'm a late in adding this. But now the elisp source includes a variable holding the version of the library. The version corresponds to tags in my git repo. I'm calling this version 1.0.1.

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Comments on "mk-project.el v1.0.1":

Comment by Mihai Bazon

Posted at May 25th 2009. Mihai Bazon's URL
This seems just what I was looking for.

I had to add (hg . "'*/.hg/*'") to mk-proj-vcs-path as I'm using Mercurial. Also, it didn't work until I specified a string for "tags-file" -- perhaps this should be optional? I'm not using TAGS as I mostly do JavaScript development and I'm not sure a good TAGS generator even exists. ;-)

Thanks for the useful module!

Comment by matt

Posted at May 25th 2009.
Thanks Mihai! I've updated version 1.0.2 to the wiki which includes the tags-file fix as well as adding the 'hg' vcs type.

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