mk-project.el v1.1: ack support

I've pushed version 1.1 of mk-project.el (homepage) to github. The library now supports ack which is a cool replacement for the "find ... | xargs grep ..." idiom.

Default arguments to ack can be set per-project via the "ack-args" directive as seen below:

(project-def "my-proj"
      '((basedir          "/home/me/my-proj/")
        (src-patterns     ("*.java" "*.jsp"))
        (ignore-patterns  ("*.class" "*.wsdl"))
        (tags-file        "/home/me/my-proj/TAGS")
        (file-list-cache  "/home/me/.my-proj-files")
        (open-files-cache "/home/me/.my-proj-open-files")
        (vcs              git)
        (compile-cmd      "ant")
        (ack-args         "--java")
        (startup-hook     myproj-startup-hook)
        (shutdown-hook    nil)))

Also new in 1.1, both project-find and project-ack will search from the project's basedir by default, but if given a C-u argument, they will search from the current buffer's directory.

There are several small bug fixes included since version 1.0.3 as well. See the commit log for details.

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