Announce: mk-project 1.3

I'm pleased to announce the release of version 1.3 of mk-project. It offers several new features and a bug fix.

Feature: Custom Find Commands

Mk-project uses a "find" command in several scenarios: finding files to pipe to etags (project-tags), finding files to pipe to grep (project-grep) and finding files to index (project-index, project-find-file). Until this release, the find commands used in these situations where calculated using a combination of the "basedir", "src-patterns", "ignore-patterns" and "vcs" project settings. As nice and simple as this scheme was, there was no way to customize these find commands for more complicated project structures. For example, I'm currently working on a project with a very large $basedir/thirdparty directory that I do not want to include in TAGS, grep actions or the project index. With version 1.3, I can specify custom find commands that will omit the thirdparty directory:

(project-def "big-project"
  `((basedir         "~/big-project")
    (src-patterns    ("*.java"))
    (ignore-patterns ("*.class"))
    (src-find-cmd    ,(concat "find ~/big-project \\( -path ~/big-project/thirdparty -prune \\) -o "
                              "\\( -type f -name \"*.java\" -o -print \\)"))
    (grep-find-cmd   "find . -type f | egrep -v thirdparty ")
    (index-find-cmd  (lambda (context) 
                       (concat "find ~/big-project "
                               "\\( -path ~/big-project/thirdparty -prune \\) -o -print")))

As you can see, there are 3 new "-find-cmd" project settings. The values can be simple strings specifying a "find" command or a function of 1 argument that returns the find command. The argument will be 'src, 'grep or 'index as appropriate, which allows you to write a single function to generate all 3 find commands if you'd like.

Feature: Relative paths in TAGS files

If your tags-file is located in your basedir (directly in the basedir, not a subdirectory of basedir), the generated TAGS file will now use relative file names. This makes the TAGS file portable. For example, if you copied the basedir to a new location, you could copy the TAGS file to the new directory and it would work without modification.

Feature: Custom ack command name

You can customize the ack-command name for your system. It defaults to "" (or "ack" on Windows systems).

Bug Fix

Fixed issue #1: project-ack does not use the "confirmed" command.


mk-project.el 1.3 is available from github or the Emacs Wiki.

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