Announce: mk-project 1.3.1

Version 1.3.1 of mk-project.el is available from github or the Emacs Wiki. David Findlay reported that project-grep and project-ack where running from the project basedir's parent directory, not the project basedir. This behavior was possible on certain versions of Emacs if the project's basedir didn't include a trailing slash -- like this:

(project-def "test-project"
  ((basedir "/home/me/test-project") ; no trailing slash

The new version ensures that the trailing slash is appended to basedir when it is used as the default-directory value.

Thanks much to David for the bug report and helping me test potential solutions!

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Comments on "Announce: mk-project 1.3.1":

Comment by phil

Posted at Feb 10th 2010.
Gosh, that really looks like project-root.el.

Comment by Matt

Posted at Feb 11th 2010. Matt's URL
I don't think mk-project.el and project-root.el are wildly
different. They have the same basic goals: to enable certain
actions (grep, ack, find-a-file, compile, etc) based on defined
projects. I started writing mk-project, despite the existence of
several other good project libraries, for 2 reasons: 1) none of
the existing libraries had exactly what I needed, and 2) I wanted
practice writing elisp.
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