Announce: mk-project 1.5

I've just pushed release 1.5.1 of mk-project to github and the emacs wiki. The changes since release 1.4 include ideas and code contributed by Andreas Raster. Here's a summary of the improvements:

  • Previously, a project's compile command could only be a string to be interpreted as a shell command (think "make"). Now the compile command can also be a Emacs lisp function name. Flexibility is good.
  • The project-status command now prints the project status to buffer *project-status* instead of *Messages*.
  • Several commands now have optional arguments which allow them to be called programmatically as well as interactively. The affected commands are project-load, project-grep, and project-ack. So now you can call (project-load "my-project") or (project-grep "TODO") from your own code.
  • The code will now ignore "_darcs" directories if you set the vcs type to 'darcs.
  • Finally, mk-project now has a menu!

mk-project's menu screenshot


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Comments on "Announce: mk-project 1.5":

Comment by Jay K.

Posted at Oct 24th 2010. Jay K.'s URL
I will have to go back and try mk-project. I recently rolled my own project management for Emacs because nothing had the flexibility to do what I needed/wanted. The key difference was that I allowed lambdas to be in the project settings. Now that mk-project does (or at least lets lisp functions, if not lambdas per se), I can imagine it solves my problems.

Comment by Matt

Posted at Oct 25th 2010. Matt's URL
@Jay K: I should probably add lambda support in addition to function support for the configuration options. And just FYI: you can use a function:

  1. as the compile cmd

  2. to generate a custom find command (to find source files, for example)

  3. as a project startup or project shutdown hook

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